The power of Searchlight

You will find hundreds of years of combined experience and collective wisdom at your fingertips within Searchlight networks. Each network provides a wealth of peer support on a highly specialized subject, with members dedicated to helping each other, offering unparalleled connections and an avenue for exchanging valuable insights and ideas.

A network of TPD leaders united in scientific exchange to solve critical shared problems and progress effective protein degraders through the clinic.

An exclusive network of Life Science CHROs ​working together to get ahead of the key people challenges facing the biopharma industry.

A world-first consortium of allogeneic leaders working together to accelerate the translation and clinical development of allogeneic cell therapies.

The world’s first network designed to provide a continuous flow of timely insights and valuable experiences to develop therapies for RAS-driven cancers.

A collaborative community of the most strategic life sciences TA leaders sharing actionable ideas that can help find and retain better talent, faster.

A unique collective working to create the best-in-class ADC, optimize clinical trial design and uncover smarter approaches for problem-free scale up.

A vital year-round knowledge sharing and problem solving network designed to accelerate the safe delivery of gene therapies to rare disorder patients.

A critical problem solving network of mRNA therapeutic developers focused on accelerating the delivery of safe and effective mRNA-based therapeutics to patients.

A ready-made, year round network of selected partners, alongside industry leading HR pioneers, to work through business critical challenges in a facilitated, structured and boundaryless way.

A global network of microbiome leaders united in optimizing positive clinical outcomes to accelerate safe, effective and approved microbiome-based therapeutics to patients.

A regularly returning group united and learning from each other to apply key successes and failures, maximizing mutual learning and allowing implementation of strategies that haven’t been considered within your own organization.

Standardize and optimize analytical methods to speed up regulatory approval of safe, efficacious and potent cell therapies.

A collaborative network of LNP Biopharma leaders unlocking the potential of LNP technology to deliver novel payloads
to specific organs, tissues and cells.

Oliver Kraemer
“There is a huge benefit for all of us in the strategic exchange of what’s working - and what’s not - in the fast-moving fields in which we’re all engaged”
Oliver Kraemer

Head of Gene Edited Platforms , Bristol Myers Squibb

Sally Paull
“This network brings me such value because it allows me to work with brilliant people to tackle shared challenges together.”
Sally Paull

Chief Human Resources Officer, Regeneron

Steve Kelsey
“It’s just not efficient for individual companies to work in isolation so solve the common problems we share, which makes this so vital.”
Steve Kelsey

President - Research & Development, Revolution Medicines

Stephanie Franklin
“Our long term strategy has been directly influenced by what we’ve heard our peers thinking about and doing in our network.”
Stephanie Franklin

Chief Human Resources Officer, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Searchlight helps members move forward faster